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What’s New in 3G Watchdog Version 1.11.0

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

Applications can individually be prevented to transfer data on mobile networks in the background  (option “restrict to Wifi” in usage by app screen).
After selecting the “Restrict to Wifi” option the following info window appears:
… and the app is now marked with a “restricted to wifi” label in the list of apps:
Note that the application can still be able to transfer a small amount of data before it is detected and stopped.
To authorize the application to transfer data on mobile networks again, press on the application entry in the list and select “Allow on mobile”:
New option “Count WiMAX usage as mobile” in Settings > Advanced. Previously it was ALWAYS counted as mobile:

New option “Use white text in usage graph” (in Settings > Misc) for people having trouble reading colored text:

New sort orders and display modes in usage by application list:
Prior to 1.11.0 there were only two sort orders: by usage and by name (selectable via a cycling button). Now there are four sort orders selectable from a list called by the “Sort” button:

– The custom change counter is a counter independent from day/week/month/plan counters, that you can reset anytime. It is handy to see which apps are using the most data since the reset date.
– This counter is not persistent. It will reset if you restart your phone or 3GW.
– Selecting “by change since last refresh” automatically selects the display modeshowing the change since last refresh and the total usage:
– Likewise, selecting “by custom change counter” automatically selects the display mode showing the change counter value and the total usage:
– Display modes can be selected by clicking on the usage by app list header. There are four modes: Total, Received and Sent, Change since last refresh and Total, Custom change counter and Total. When selecting a new display mode, thesort order may be automatically adjusted to make reading easier. 
Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility (beta, feedback welcome).
Ice Cream Sandwich support is still in beta. Please report any problems to contact-pro@3gwatchdog.fr, preferably via the feedback function (3GW main screen > Menu > More > Feedback).
Bug Fixes and minor changes.




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