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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.17.2

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

* Options to send SMS alerts & daily usage reports

These options, introduced in 1.17.0, have been removed from 3GWP in 1.17.1 because of security concerns raised by certain users, mainly because  they require the “Send SMS” permission, classified by Android in the category “Services that cost you money”. On the other hand other people voiced their support for the new features. 

The solution implemented in this version to satisfy everybody is to make the SMS features availability dependent on the existence (installation) of a new application named “3G Watchdog Pro SMS extension” whose sole function is to actually perform the SMS sendings. This extension requires the “Send SMS” permission but 3G Watchdog Pro does not. With this solution you have now the choice
– If you want to use the SMS features then install the  “3G Watchdog Pro SMS extension” application and configure the options in 3G Watchdog Pro Settings screen (they are located in the Alerts and Misc sections, respectively).
– If you don’t need these extra features or don’t feel comfortable with the “Send SMS” permission, do not install the extension.
* Device support: Asus PadFone 2 on ICS
* FIXed tethered WiFi usage non identified as tethered usage on the LT15i w/ ICS

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