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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.16.0

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

* New setting to auto-disable the mobile network on end of plan period 

The mobile network will automatically be disabled if this setting (located in the “Auto-disable mobile data network” section of the 3GW settings) is checked. It is your responsibility to manually re-enable the mobile network. 

* Usage by application breakdown for Wifi and roaming mobile usages [requires Android 2.2+] 

Counting will start only after the update, so all pre-existing usage will initially be listed as “OS services + others”, but this will progressively auto-correct.

Note that you can cycle between the different types of usage (local, roaming, Wifi) by clicking on the left and right arrows around the title. For a given usage, swiping left or right on the application list will change the period displayed (plan, day, week, month). 

Reminder: click on the app list header to change the information displayed (Total, Received + Sent, Change since last refresh, or Custom change counter). 

* WiFi usage history 

Previously usage history was only available for local and roaming mobile usages. This version adds Wifi usage history. When in the history screen, select the usage type menu on top right:

Note that measured and billable usages are identical for Wifi (and for roaming mobile) usages, as they don’t have billing rules. 

* Chinese Traditional translation …for Taiwanese users, thanks to Michael Chou. 

* Device support: Sony Xperia ion LT28 LTE on Android 4.0.4. 

* FIXed Wifi tethered usage not counted in global mobile usage on some devices 

Usage tethered via Wifi (“Wifi hotspot”) was not counted as local mobile usage when the “use pre-froyo…” option (in 3GW Settings > Advanced) was checked and the tethered interface happened to be the same as the Wifi interface. This particularly affected the Samsung Galaxy S3 which matched exactly these conditions.






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