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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.15.0

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

* Usage graph and text report for roaming usage.
Provided that a roaming quota has been defined (in 3GW Settings > Roaming), it is now possible to optionally display ausage graph and/or detailed status text for roaming usage in the “Roaming” section of 3GW main (report) screen.


As for local (i.e. national) usage, the visibility of the graph / detailed text / stats table can be controlled via the corresponding toggle “buttons” Graph / Text / Table at the right of the “Roaming” section header.
* Widgets can show roaming left and predicted usages.
Provided that a roaming quota has been defined (in 3GW Settings > Roaming), widgets can now display left and/orpredicted roaming usage (in addition to actual usage).
* New billing rule to not count local 2G traffic
If you check this option, traffic via pre-3G technologies will not be counted in the billable usage:

* Keep the TWO last auto-backups instead of only one.
When the “Auto-backup” option is active (3GW Settings > Misc > Auto backup checked), 3G Watchdog now keeps thetwo last backups, instead of only one previously. Auto backups are performed every hour around hh:01. 
* Device support: Samsung Galaxy S3 variants.
A fix previously made for the Galaxy S3 was not working on the SGH-T999V variant of the Galaxy S3. This has been corrected in the current version. 
Fixed incorrect start of plan date calculation when plan period just reset today.
This affects in particular the manual assignment of usage and in general history recalculations.
Other minor bug fixes.







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