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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.13.0

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* Optional quota for roaming usage with notification alert


This allows you to set up a quota for roaming usage, as well as a % over which to be alerted (via a notification in the status bar). The quota refers to the same period as the local (domestic) usage.

This option is disabled when the “Count roaming usage as local” option is checked.

The 3GW data widgets are now able to display roaming quota related information (% used, usage and time bars) if a quota is defined (i.e. is not unlimited).

* New SIM migration function

This function (3GW main screen > Menu > More > Migrate SIM card) “migrates” the data (usage history and settings) associated with a SIM card so it gets associated to a new SIM card, which is handy if your card gets replaced.

3G Watchdog 1.13.0

The procedure assumes that the new SIM card is installed in the phone and active. It is recommended to do the migration ASAP after the installation of the new card, as any data associated with the new card will be overwritten with data from the old card, so if you proceed early you won’t lose any information.

If 3GW finds more than one potential “old” cards to migrate you will be requested to select one. The candidate SIM cards are listed with their ID (IMSI number) and usage for the current plan period to help you pick the correct one.

3GW does automatically backup your data before proceeding to the migration. I case of problems you can restore this backup.

* Romanian translation (thanks to Azureux, Alin Ţoţea-Radu, Milly62)

Go to 3GW Settings > Misc > Language, and select “Româna” in the list.

3GWatchdog 1.13.0


* Device support: HTC Vivid (ICS), Raider (ICS); Samsung Ace M, Conquer, Galaxy Next Turbo, Galaxy S Skyrocket, Galaxy S3, Transform Ultra; Alcatel One Touch 890.

* Misc bug fixes




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