3G Watchdog app for Android monitors your 4G/3G/Edge/GPRS data usage



What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.12.0 data usage counter.

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New billing rule to not count usage during some time periods (evenings and/or weekends) [requires Android 1.7+]
Carryover usage from previous Plan period (entered manually in Settings >Your Plan).
Note that since perfect accuracy cannot be guaranteed and in order to avoid drifting, the carryover is not automatic. 3GW indicates in the text below the option how much was unused in the previous cycle, but  you have to enter the amountmanually after checking for the actual value with your operator. The carryover amount is automatically reset to 0 at the beginning of each Plan cycle.
Widgets: can show WiFi or Roaming usage (for plan period or day).
Widgets:  optional elapsed time bar for mobile usage.

New option to hide Roaming usage section in the report screen.
Usage by app: new app menu option to open (launch) the application.
* Chinese (Simplified), Hungarian and Japanese translations.
(Japanese translation)
Removed back button (left arrow) in menus at the bottom of each screen.
It was redundant with the standard device back button, and for this reason the Android style guide recommends not to include a back button.
Pro usage graph: use white background instead of red in 100% usage mark if “use white text” is active.
This improves readability for people who find difficult to read red letters or backgrounds.
Misc bug fixes and workarounds.
In particular workarounds for the Samsung Aviator phone and the Xoom 4G tablet. 




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