3G Watchdog app for Android monitors your 4G/3G/Edge/GPRS data usage



What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.12.0 data usage counter.

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New billing rule to not count usage during some time periods (evenings and/or weekends) [requires Android 1.7+]
Carryover usage from previous Plan period (entered manually in Settings >Your Plan).
Note that since perfect accuracy cannot be guaranteed and in order to avoid drifting, the carryover is not automatic. 3GW indicates in the text below the option how much was unused in the previous cycle, but  you have to enter the amountmanually after checking for the actual value with your operator. The carryover amount is automatically reset to 0 at the beginning of each Plan cycle.
Widgets: can show WiFi or Roaming usage (for plan period or day).
Widgets:  optional elapsed time bar for mobile usage.

New option to hide Roaming usage section in the report screen.
Usage by app: new app menu option to open (launch) the application.
* Chinese (Simplified), Hungarian and Japanese translations.
(Japanese translation)
Removed back button (left arrow) in menus at the bottom of each screen.
It was redundant with the standard device back button, and for this reason the Android style guide recommends not to include a back button.
Pro usage graph: use white background instead of red in 100% usage mark if “use white text” is active.
This improves readability for people who find difficult to read red letters or backgrounds.
Misc bug fixes and workarounds.
In particular workarounds for the Samsung Aviator phone and the Xoom 4G tablet. 




What’s New in 3G Watchdog Version 1.11.0

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Applications can individually be prevented to transfer data on mobile networks in the background  (option “restrict to Wifi” in usage by app screen).
After selecting the “Restrict to Wifi” option the following info window appears:
… and the app is now marked with a “restricted to wifi” label in the list of apps:
Note that the application can still be able to transfer a small amount of data before it is detected and stopped.
To authorize the application to transfer data on mobile networks again, press on the application entry in the list and select “Allow on mobile”:
New option “Count WiMAX usage as mobile” in Settings > Advanced. Previously it was ALWAYS counted as mobile:

New option “Use white text in usage graph” (in Settings > Misc) for people having trouble reading colored text:

New sort orders and display modes in usage by application list:
Prior to 1.11.0 there were only two sort orders: by usage and by name (selectable via a cycling button). Now there are four sort orders selectable from a list called by the “Sort” button:

– The custom change counter is a counter independent from day/week/month/plan counters, that you can reset anytime. It is handy to see which apps are using the most data since the reset date.
– This counter is not persistent. It will reset if you restart your phone or 3GW.
– Selecting “by change since last refresh” automatically selects the display modeshowing the change since last refresh and the total usage:
– Likewise, selecting “by custom change counter” automatically selects the display mode showing the change counter value and the total usage:
– Display modes can be selected by clicking on the usage by app list header. There are four modes: Total, Received and Sent, Change since last refresh and Total, Custom change counter and Total. When selecting a new display mode, thesort order may be automatically adjusted to make reading easier. 
Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility (beta, feedback welcome).
Ice Cream Sandwich support is still in beta. Please report any problems to contact-pro@3gwatchdog.fr, preferably via the feedback function (3GW main screen > Menu > More > Feedback).
Bug Fixes and minor changes.




3G Watchdog and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

Incorrect usage count by Android data usage counter apps on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, 10.1N, 10.1v (and possibly 8.9) 

The Galaxy Tab 10.1, 10.1N, 10.1v, and possibly the 8.9 don’t work well with data usage counting applications. 3GW leverages functions provided by the Android programming interface, and apparently they are incorrectly implemented on these devices (see Android issue 19938). There is nothing we can do about it (we have no access to the faulty code). Let’s hope that Samsung will fix this in future upgrades of Android. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update Sep 15, 2011: if you are ready to take the risk of flashing a new kernel (and assume the consequences), custom kernels available on this page, fromversion (Aug 26, 2011) or more recent, allegedly fix the problem for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (not verified though). Instructions to flash the kernel are included in the page. You also need to uncheck the 3GW Settings > Advanced > “Use pre-Froyo traffic counting interface” option for the counting to be correct.





3G Watchdog Free Version 0.35.0 released

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New in 3GWatchdog Android App mobile data usage counter version 0.36.0

Following on the heels of our Pro update we have just updated the Free app as well. 

New widget to enable/disable mobile connections (Android 2.3+). Easily turn off and on the mobile network so your phone doesn’t run up usage charges. Toggles red and green so you can see right on your screen if you have the network connected or not. Be sure you are not connected to the network when you don’t want to be.  Prevents unintentional and background usage from happening.

The widget is called “3GW mobile data switch” and has two states:

click to disable mobile network. The widget will turn red.


click to enable mobile network. The widget will turn green.


Set/Reset Wifi usage (in addition to set/reset Mobile usage). If you want to know your Wifi usage and need to set or reset the figure, you can now do so in the same section where you set your mobile usage counter:

WiMAX support (experimental, feedback welcome).

  • Bulgarian translation – Сега на разположение на български
  • Fixed WiFi tethering usage counted twice (as mobile + as Wifi) => only counted as mobile.
  • Fixed VPN via WiFi usage wrongly counted as mobile.
  • Misc bug fixes.



3G Watchdog Pro Version 1.10.0 Released

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

3G Watchdog Pro Android data usage counter just got some spiffy updates:

  • New widget to enable/disable your mobile data connection easily makes it easier to prevent accidental data usage.
  • Track your Wifi usage as well as your mobile data usage now.
  • WiFi (Hotspot) tethering and USB tethering icons added to the usage by app list.
  • WiMAX support
  • Sum up your usage by apps.
  • Vertaling in het Nederlands toegevoegd aan 3G Watchdog

What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro Version 1.10.0:

New widget to enable/disable mobile connections (Android 2.3+).
  network enabled, click to disable.
network disabled, click to enable.
Set/Reset Wifi usage (Main screen > Menu > Set Usage…). Before, it was only possible to set the mobile usage. Now you can set both from the same dialog.
3GWatchdogPlanUsage resized 600

 * New entries in usage by app screen for WiFi (Hotspot) tethering and USB tethering usages:
WiFi tethering

    USB tethering

WiMAX support (experimental, feedback welcome).

* Option to use sum of app usages as global usage. (Settings > Advanced > “Calculate global usage from usage by app”). This is an experimental workaround for devices with correct usage by app but incorrectglobal usage, such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, the Galaxy R/Z, Captivate Glide  (all Samsung phones ;)… Since usage by app is usually less accurate than global usage don’t expect strict accuracy!

Dutch translation (98% completed).
Readability improvements.

The elapsed time bar has now the same color as the usage bar (reflects status, was grey previously):

In the usage history list, the current period highlight (yellow line) is more readable:

* Fixed WiFi tethering usage counted twice (as mobile + as Wifi) => only counted as mobile.
* Fixed VPN via WiFi usage wrongly counted as mobile.

* Misc bug fixes.

3G Watchdog integrates auto-disable function for data usage

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3G Watchdog free and pro data usage monitors for Android now integrate auto-disable without requiring an additional app, allowing you to turn off data usage at a limit you set.

3G Watchdog free version 0.34.0 was released today with a new, built-in mobile network disabler (Android 2.3+ only):

    • Requires new permission to change the state of network connectivity.   
    • APNdroid or JuiceDefender are no longer required for Auto-disable function (but you can use them if you want).


Another addition to 3G Watchdog free is an option to increase 3GW service priority and improve accuracy. Disabled by default, enable it in Settings > Advanced.

This requires a permanent icon (Android requirement).

If the 3GW notification icon is visible it is used, otherwise an invisible icon is used. Although not visible, this will still takes a space at the right of the app area in the status bar.

Other changes to the free app include improved device support: Galaxy Y (GT-S5360), xcover (S5690), possibly others.

For the Galaxy Y and xcover, be sure to uncheck the “use pre-froyo traffic counting interface” option in 3GW Settings > Advanced.  The support is still not guaranteed, your feedback is welcome.

For convenience, the Lookout button directly opens Lookout if the app is installed (instead of going to the promo dialog).

3G Watchdog PRO version 1.8.0 was released today as well.  The same enhancements are in the PRO version, plus a new Türk / Turkish language option. 

Russian / русский is coming soon!


3G Watchdog Android App Adds WIFI Usage and More

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3G Watchdog Pro and Free versions keep adding new useful features. We listen to your requests and appreciate your kudos.


Both versions now include Wifi usage for all of you who have been asking to know your Wifi usage on your Android smartphones.

PRO Version (left) |  Free version (right)

3GWatchdog Free WIFI data usage counter


















“Whoa, that’s a new look” you say? That’s right, we have made some updates to the user interface and the feedback has been very positive. Thanks for your comments, here are a couple recent ones:

Twitter: The app @3gwatchdog ROCKS! @moriel73
Android Market:
“Fantastic – Awesome app just got awesomer.” 5 Stars 

“EXCELLENT – Does what it says, minimal footprint memory wise I love it.” 5 stars
“I love it – this app rocks! it even works with multiple sim cards!” 5 stars
(Pro works on multiple SIM cards) 

PRO has an udate to the main screen so you can easily see your mobile or Wifi usage. We’ve added small (QVGQ) screens support so it looks better across more devices. 

FREE has Wifi usage, an option to show/hide the new time bar, which changes color when you reach your warning level. There is a Slovenian translation (zdravo Slovenci!). We also have Croation (zdravo Hrvati!) and more languages to come.


On the screenshot above on the right, you might notice a new icon next to my mugshot. This is an icon for LOOKOUT, a mobile security app for Android.  We really like the team at Lookout. The app helps protect against mobile threats, lets you backup your information and even find your device if you lose it.  It is available for your iPad, too, and iPhone as well as Android smartphones, so check it out next time you fire up your 3G watchdog free main report screen. 


We have a gift for you, a free chapter of an Android Apps book helpful for new smartphone owners.

Download a FREE Chapter Now.

Click image to go to book on Amazon.


Wired App Guide Essential Tools

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

3G Watchdog is fired up to be listed in the “Wired App Guide: 400 Reviews of Essential Tools.” 


The magazine is on the stands until January, 2012 and it is a great guide to give along with that new smart phone or tablet this holiday season.  Find us in the #1 position under “95 Outstanding Apps” for productivity with an 8/10 rating.

Wired reviewed iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7 and Android apps.


3G Watchdog Free data usage counter update

Version 0.31.0 was released on November 8th and “I think I’m turning Japanese”.  We now have a Japanese translation!  Thanks again to a volunteer translator for making this possible, we love our translators and testers. That makes 26 languages* 3G Watchdog Free offers.

Another addition is a time lapse bar below the data usage bar.
The new, smaller time lapse bar shows where you are relative to the end of your plan.


Separated at Birth?

Have you been to see “The Adventures of Tintin” yet? In English Tintin’s dog is named “Snowy” although in the original stories by Belgian author Hergé his name was “Milou”. I think he is my long lost brother.  Wouah!  (That’s French for “Woof”.)  We enjoyed reading the original books. The film referenced two or three of twenty-four illustrated adventures of Tintin.










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3G Watchdog Free Update – v.0.29.0 and Widget Review

Posted on Sat, Aug 06, 2011

3G Watchdog free was just updated to version 0.29.0

This update adds the ability to choose your language and set your day of week, which were added to the Pro version earlier this week.  These were requested features from you globetrotters.

Does it bug you when technology selects your language for you? It does me, so we let you choose whichever language you want 3G Watchdog to be in, from our growing list.  Note that you might have to restart the app before you see the language change.

We also added the option to change the starting day of the week. Ever buy a datebook from a different country because it was spiffy, you were there, whatever, and the week starts on Monday instead of Sunday, or vice versa? I have done that and ended up missing appointments, thinking they were a day later than they were!  If you change countries, you can set 3G Watchdog to start on the same day of the week as your current region so it won’t leave you second-guessing.

Several minor bugs were hopefully shown the door as well. We appreciate those of you who take the time to give use helpful feedback, including your phone, Android version and any other notes when you have a question or issue, which often leads to a resolution of a bug or a tweak needed for the neverending new devices.

We got our widgets reviewed – woof!

A site devoted to reviewing Android widgets in detail covered our widgets. 

If you are new to 3G Watchdog, this is a good primer on how to set up the widget to make the most of it.

They just reviewed some funny 80’s button widgets and a count-anything widget for you obsessive compulsive types.

Android Widgets Review of our widgets:

You can always find links to this and other reviews on our review page, “Praise“.


3G Watchdog Pro Upgrades: choose language and more new features.

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

The 1.5.0 version of 3G Watchdog Pro was just released with several requested features that will be appreciated by travelers, widget users and power users. Here is an overview with some tips.

Highlights: Choose language and choose starting day of week.

1. Choose language.

Ever want your app in a the language of your choice, which may not be the same as your phone language? Now you can choose your language for 3G Watchdog Pro. You will find this under Settings > Miscellaneous.

Note that you might have to restart 3G Watchdog Pro before you see the new language.

2. Choose starting day of week.

If you move to a country with a different starting day of the week, it might be more convenient to be consistent. Now you can reset the starting day of the week. For example, Sunday is the first day in the U.S. while Monday is the first day of the week in France.

Note that you can change as often as you like if you are a globetrotter.

The change will recalculate the weeks displayed in your history so the starting day is consistent. It will change back if you change the day back again.

3. Widget: option to hide the usage bar.

We heard you would like this option. This is for you! You can make the choice in the Widget settings when you create it. Remember, you can’t modify a widget, you just need to delete the old one and create a new one.

4. Landscape mode update

In landscape mode the graph (including the fonts) is a bit larger so it is easier to read.

5. Set plan, week or month usage: usage is now distributed across the days of the period.

This option is for power users!

When in the 3G Watchdog Pro application settings screen there is an option to “Set Plan Usage”. Click on this (it won’t do anything until you confirm on the next step) and a screen pops up.

Say you lost some usage and wanted your total to be correct. Use this feature to set the received and transmitted measuredamounts. You can also reset both to zero here. The billable usage will be recalculated as best as possible, but some rules like “counting by blocks” can’t be taken into account. 

Note that usage by application and connection info can’t be recalculated for the most part, so they will become insignificant numbers after the recalculation. (They will continue to reflect the same amounts as before unaffected by this action — except if you reset to zero, in that case they are also reset to zero.)

With this update, the measured usage you set will be redistributed as accurately as possible across the existing days/weeks, and the other period usages recalculated to take into account the change. Before the amount was all put in the period in which you made the change.

For example, if I change the usage for a week, it will be distributed over the days of that week and, secondly, all the periods including these days will be recalculated to reflect the change.



3G Watchdog Free is available in 23 languages!

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

We appreciate all our translators for making this possible. 3G Watchdog and 3G Watchdog PRO are available from the Android Market and AndroidPit.  If you are interested in helping translate, please contact us.

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