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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.17.0

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* Option to send SMS alerts (warning+critical) for local and roaming usages
In the “Alerts” section of the 3GW Settings you can ask to send an alert SMS in addition to other forms of alerts, by checking the “Send SMS” option and entering the phone number of the recipient.
Note that because of this feature 3GW requires now a new Android permission to send SMS.
* Option to send a daily usage report via SMS
In the “Misc” section of the 3GW Settings you can ask to send a daily usage report SMS by checking the “Send usage report daily SMS” option and entering the phone number of the recipient and the desired sending time.
The report will concern the usage for the current (active) SIM card. You can set up individual reports for each card by editing the settings while the corresponding card is active. 
Note that because of this feature 3GW requires now a new Android permission to send SMS.



* Billing rule to exclude local 4G (LTE) traffic
Check this option if your operator doesn’t bill 4G (LTE) traffic.

* Roaming quota carryover
Like for local (domestic) usage it is now possible to specify a carryover roaming usage in the “Roaming” section of 3GW Settings:


The following problems have been fixed in this version:
  • Option “Auto disable network at xx % roaming quota used” was not saved.
  • It was impossible to specify the reset time for a one day plan period because “last started on” button was hidden.
  • Repetitive roaming usage alert – now done only when status *changes* to WARNING or CRITICAL.  





What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.16.1

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* FIXed Wifi usage wrongly counted as mobile when advanced option “Calculate global usage from usage by app” is checked (error introduced in 1.16.0).






What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.16.0

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* New setting to auto-disable the mobile network on end of plan period 

The mobile network will automatically be disabled if this setting (located in the “Auto-disable mobile data network” section of the 3GW settings) is checked. It is your responsibility to manually re-enable the mobile network. 

* Usage by application breakdown for Wifi and roaming mobile usages [requires Android 2.2+] 

Counting will start only after the update, so all pre-existing usage will initially be listed as “OS services + others”, but this will progressively auto-correct.

Note that you can cycle between the different types of usage (local, roaming, Wifi) by clicking on the left and right arrows around the title. For a given usage, swiping left or right on the application list will change the period displayed (plan, day, week, month). 

Reminder: click on the app list header to change the information displayed (Total, Received + Sent, Change since last refresh, or Custom change counter). 

* WiFi usage history 

Previously usage history was only available for local and roaming mobile usages. This version adds Wifi usage history. When in the history screen, select the usage type menu on top right:

Note that measured and billable usages are identical for Wifi (and for roaming mobile) usages, as they don’t have billing rules. 

* Chinese Traditional translation …for Taiwanese users, thanks to Michael Chou. 

* Device support: Sony Xperia ion LT28 LTE on Android 4.0.4. 

* FIXed Wifi tethered usage not counted in global mobile usage on some devices 

Usage tethered via Wifi (“Wifi hotspot”) was not counted as local mobile usage when the “use pre-froyo…” option (in 3GW Settings > Advanced) was checked and the tethered interface happened to be the same as the Wifi interface. This particularly affected the Samsung Galaxy S3 which matched exactly these conditions.






What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.15.0

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* Usage graph and text report for roaming usage.
Provided that a roaming quota has been defined (in 3GW Settings > Roaming), it is now possible to optionally display ausage graph and/or detailed status text for roaming usage in the “Roaming” section of 3GW main (report) screen.


As for local (i.e. national) usage, the visibility of the graph / detailed text / stats table can be controlled via the corresponding toggle “buttons” Graph / Text / Table at the right of the “Roaming” section header.
* Widgets can show roaming left and predicted usages.
Provided that a roaming quota has been defined (in 3GW Settings > Roaming), widgets can now display left and/orpredicted roaming usage (in addition to actual usage).
* New billing rule to not count local 2G traffic
If you check this option, traffic via pre-3G technologies will not be counted in the billable usage:

* Keep the TWO last auto-backups instead of only one.
When the “Auto-backup” option is active (3GW Settings > Misc > Auto backup checked), 3G Watchdog now keeps thetwo last backups, instead of only one previously. Auto backups are performed every hour around hh:01. 
* Device support: Samsung Galaxy S3 variants.
A fix previously made for the Galaxy S3 was not working on the SGH-T999V variant of the Galaxy S3. This has been corrected in the current version. 
Fixed incorrect start of plan date calculation when plan period just reset today.
This affects in particular the manual assignment of usage and in general history recalculations.
Other minor bug fixes.







What’s new in 3GW 0.38.4

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This is a maintenance release (the Latvian translation apart).
* Latvian translation (thanks to Viesturs Ružāns).
* Device support: some variants of Samsung Galaxy S3.
* Minor bug fixes





What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.14.0

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Plan period may now reset (end) on any hour
Previously the reset occurred implicitly at midnight (local time). Now you can specify a different hour/minute. Press on “Last started on” in 3GW Settings > Your Plan and then on the “Set time” button.
3G Watchdog Pro Version 1.14.0
If you do this after the original installation, usage history will be recalculated. There may be some approximation in the way usage for the first and last day of each plan period is redistributed.

Auto-disable network on roaming quota %
Previously the “Auto-disable network” feature (whose settings have moved in their own section) could disable the network when your Plan usage reached a certain % of your quota. This was for local usage. Now if you have defined a roaming quota (in Settings > Roaming) you can also disable the network when your roaming usage reaches a % of your roaming quota. 
Note that when no roaming quota is defined the option is not available in the “Auto-disable” section of the settings.

Device support: LG GT540 swift; Galaxy Note (SAMSUNG-SGH-I717) on ICS
There were counting problems in these phones. They should be fixed by now.
Fixed incorrect “database repair” for non monthly periods

The “database repair” feature (3GW main screen > Menu > More > Repair database…) was not working properly for non monthly periods.
Other minor bug fixes





What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.13.0

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* Optional quota for roaming usage with notification alert


This allows you to set up a quota for roaming usage, as well as a % over which to be alerted (via a notification in the status bar). The quota refers to the same period as the local (domestic) usage.

This option is disabled when the “Count roaming usage as local” option is checked.

The 3GW data widgets are now able to display roaming quota related information (% used, usage and time bars) if a quota is defined (i.e. is not unlimited).

* New SIM migration function

This function (3GW main screen > Menu > More > Migrate SIM card) “migrates” the data (usage history and settings) associated with a SIM card so it gets associated to a new SIM card, which is handy if your card gets replaced.

3G Watchdog 1.13.0

The procedure assumes that the new SIM card is installed in the phone and active. It is recommended to do the migration ASAP after the installation of the new card, as any data associated with the new card will be overwritten with data from the old card, so if you proceed early you won’t lose any information.

If 3GW finds more than one potential “old” cards to migrate you will be requested to select one. The candidate SIM cards are listed with their ID (IMSI number) and usage for the current plan period to help you pick the correct one.

3GW does automatically backup your data before proceeding to the migration. I case of problems you can restore this backup.

* Romanian translation (thanks to Azureux, Alin Ţoţea-Radu, Milly62)

Go to 3GW Settings > Misc > Language, and select “Româna” in the list.

3GWatchdog 1.13.0


* Device support: HTC Vivid (ICS), Raider (ICS); Samsung Ace M, Conquer, Galaxy Next Turbo, Galaxy S Skyrocket, Galaxy S3, Transform Ultra; Alcatel One Touch 890.

* Misc bug fixes




3G Watchdog passes ONE MILLION active users!

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3G Watchdog would like to thank all of our users, reviewers, testers, translators, friends, Pro purchasers, donators, followers, fans, Google Android and the team at Hoi Moon Marketing for helping us reach one million active users (over 2 million downloads) in the Android Market.




What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.12.1

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BUGFIX Release.
* Widgets: longer usage & time bars. 
* Widgets time bar: display remaining time when displaying usage left. 
* Widgets time bar: display current day when displaying today’s usage.
* Samsung Aviator network interface fix when on 4G.
* Misc other fixes.
Track your plan with 3G Watchdog and control your data usage on Android. 3G Watchdog Pro provides detailed, customizable information.




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