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3G Watchdog Pro Upgrades: choose language and more new features.

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

The 1.5.0 version of 3G Watchdog Pro was just released with several requested features that will be appreciated by travelers, widget users and power users. Here is an overview with some tips.

Highlights: Choose language and choose starting day of week.

1. Choose language.

Ever want your app in a the language of your choice, which may not be the same as your phone language? Now you can choose your language for 3G Watchdog Pro. You will find this under Settings > Miscellaneous.

Note that you might have to restart 3G Watchdog Pro before you see the new language.

2. Choose starting day of week.

If you move to a country with a different starting day of the week, it might be more convenient to be consistent. Now you can reset the starting day of the week. For example, Sunday is the first day in the U.S. while Monday is the first day of the week in France.

Note that you can change as often as you like if you are a globetrotter.

The change will recalculate the weeks displayed in your history so the starting day is consistent. It will change back if you change the day back again.

3. Widget: option to hide the usage bar.

We heard you would like this option. This is for you! You can make the choice in the Widget settings when you create it. Remember, you can’t modify a widget, you just need to delete the old one and create a new one.

4. Landscape mode update

In landscape mode the graph (including the fonts) is a bit larger so it is easier to read.

5. Set plan, week or month usage: usage is now distributed across the days of the period.

This option is for power users!

When in the 3G Watchdog Pro application settings screen there is an option to “Set Plan Usage”. Click on this (it won’t do anything until you confirm on the next step) and a screen pops up.

Say you lost some usage and wanted your total to be correct. Use this feature to set the received and transmitted measuredamounts. You can also reset both to zero here. The billable usage will be recalculated as best as possible, but some rules like “counting by blocks” can’t be taken into account. 

Note that usage by application and connection info can’t be recalculated for the most part, so they will become insignificant numbers after the recalculation. (They will continue to reflect the same amounts as before unaffected by this action — except if you reset to zero, in that case they are also reset to zero.)

With this update, the measured usage you set will be redistributed as accurately as possible across the existing days/weeks, and the other period usages recalculated to take into account the change. Before the amount was all put in the period in which you made the change.

For example, if I change the usage for a week, it will be distributed over the days of that week and, secondly, all the periods including these days will be recalculated to reflect the change.



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