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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.20.0

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

Please update if you are using version 1.19.3!

Improved swipe gestures

3GW now uses smoother let and right swipe gestures to switch from one period (Plan / day / week / month) to the other. This applies to the main report, history and usage by application screens.

Bulgarian translation

Thanks to Gorchy who contributed the translation alone.

Data widget improvements

  • In widget configuration dialog (at widget creation time): allows to select “time bar” even when the usage bar is unavailable. This is for people with unlimited plans but who still want to know the progress of their plan period.
  • When showing roaming usage: fixed time bar showing local plan period instead of roaming plan period.

Raised maximum % threshold for network auto-disabling from 200 to 1000

This is primarily intended to be used as a security limit on daily recommended usages. These may be low so a maximum disable threshold of 200% may be not enough in case it is admissible that on one particular day the usage exceeds the recommended usage. 

Increased Pro usage graph right margin to avoid overlap when close to end of period

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