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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.27.0 to 1.27.4

Written by Julie Vetter. Posted in Blog

Version 1.27.4

  • Fixed data usage was not correctly counted on Multiple-SIM devices.

Version 1.27.3

  • Fixed the “Pause usage counting…” function did not work with the new counting method.
  • Determines dynamically whether the new counting method can be used under Android 6+.

Version 1.27.2

  • Fixed the “Set usage…” and “Restore” functions did not correctly work with the new counting method.
  • Some device models under Android Marshmallow have been excluded from the use of the new counting method because the internal API was not implemented on these models.

Version 1.27.1

  • Fixed crashes on start in certain circumstances, especially on Android 4.3 and 7.

Version 1.27.0

  • New counting method available for Android 6+ users.
    (Requires usage data access permission).
    See FAQ
  • Fixed install/uninstall of the “Auto-disable Mobile data” workaround that failed on rooted devices with Android 7.
  • Other stability fixes.

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