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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.26.0

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

“Count in blocks” billing rule / new option “Min. usage per connection”

The “Count in blocks” billing rule (in 3GW Settings > Billing Rules) now takes a new option “Minimum usage counted per connection”:




The effect of checking this option is the following: when the connection ends, usage since the beginning of this connection will be rounded up to the block size (100 KB by default) if this usage was less than the block size. Otherwise (usage >= blocksize) the usage will be kept unchanged (i.e. not be rounded up).


New option to count all Wifi usage as mobile

The Wifi section of 3GW’s settings takes a new option “Count WiFi usage as mobile”:




When checked, all Wifi usage will be counted as local mobile usage. This may be useful when for example you are using Wifi-only devices (such as tablets) accessing the mobile internet via a HotSpot/3G key, and you want to remotely measure the hotspot mobile consumption from your device. Note that it won’t work correctly if several Wifi devices share the HotSpot (you will see only the fraction you are using).


Settings & Alerts slightly reorganized

The order of the Settings section has been slightly changed to be more rational (IMHO). Here is the new order:




The roaming alert parameter (warning threshold %) has also been moved from the Roaming scetion to the Alerts section for the sake of uniformity.

Notifications show local or roaming usage

Previously the status bar notifications (icon and text) would always be related to local (domestic) usage, regardless of whether you were roaming or not. Starting with this version of 3GWP, notifications will display either local or roaming information, depending of the current type of connection.


There is a little nuance though, the exact rule is: if you are roaming and have defined a roaming plan with a quota (i.e. your roaming usage is not unlimited) then 3GWP will display roaming information. In all other cases (you are not roaming or your roaming usage is unlimited) 3GWP will display information about local usage.


As a visual reminder, when roaming info is displayed 3GWP’s notification text will start with a “R. “, e.g. “R. Mobile Data: 73% predicted”



Zip backup files

Backup files (produced by 3GW’s “Backup usage” feature) are now zipped to save space on the SD card. For backward compatibility old uncompressed backup files can still be restored (via 3GW’s “Restore usage” feature).

Fixed empty slot visible in status bar

When the option “Increase service priority” is checked (in 3GW Settings > Advanced) and 3GW’s notification icon is not visible (depending on how you setup the option 3GW Settings > Alerts > “Select when the icon should be visible”), 3GW uses a transparent icon.  This is because the Android system doesn’t allow to increase the priority of an application’s service unless it has a permanent notification icon. The transparent icon is invisible but still occupies a slot (empty position) in the status bar. 

This version of 3GWP should fix this problem on most (but not all) versions of Android. On old versions the empty slot will not be suppressed but moved to the rightmost position where it is less noticeable. On recent versions it should totally disappear. On some version (e.g. Android 4.0.3) the problem will remain, and there is no known work around this.


Stability fixes & minor improvements

As usual several minor bug fixes to improve 3G Watchdog stability. 



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