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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.25.0

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Prepaid recharges for local and roaming plans

If you have purchased a recharge for your local or roaming plan you can now specify it in 3GW Settings > “Your Plan” and “Roaming”, respectively. 




Under “Additional prepaid recharge” enter the data amount, the start date (defaults to today), and the number of days from the start date to expiration (defaults to the number of days to the end of the current plan period).

The start date cannot be in the future, but the validity period may extend beyond the end of the current plan cycle.


Data consumed is taken first from the plan quota (and carryover if any), then from the prepaid recharge. Prepaid quota not consumed by the end of the plan period, if any, will be carried over to the next plan period.


Manual SIM card selection 

Dual-SIM devices are not officially supported by Android, and as a result third-party applications such as 3G Watchdog cannot see switches between SIMs made via the proprietary mechanisms implemented by the device makers.


The new “Manual SIM card” selection option (in Settings/Advanced) is a workaround to allow you to explicitely indicate to 3GW that you have switched SIM card vie the proprietary mechanism:



  1. First, make sure you have inserted each SIM card at least once in the first (main) slot and run 3GW in this configuration, so 3GW had a chance to see the card. You need to do this only once. 3GW will add this SIM card to its list of known cards.
  2. Check the “Manual SIM card selection” option in Settings/Advanced. Select the SIM which should be considered current (i.e. to which you data usage will be assigned) in the list proposed below. Each SIM is described by its abridged IMSI (ID) number and its current local mobile usage to help you identify it. Unfortunately it’s not possible to easily provide a more human-friendly description of each SIM card but the mobile plan usage should help you to identify the  right card. 3GW also displays the abridged IMSI number of the card currently in slot #1.
  3. Each time you switch the SIM via the proprietary mechanism, go to 3GW Settings > Advanced > Manual SIM card selection and select the SIM in the list.

Note: this feature is still experimental, please report at contact-pro@3gwatchdog.fr in case of problem.


Option for all white notification icon

For those who wants the 3GW notification look to be more compliant with Android JellyBean style, a new option “Use white notification icon” (in 3GW Settings > Look & feel) allows you to choose an all-white notification icon. Of course if you check this option the icon will no longer alerts you about your usage via its color (green for ok, orange for warning, red for critical).




Sinhalese translation

3G Watchdog Pro is now translated in Sinhala (Sinhalese), thanks to Pasindu Kavinda. On most devices you must first manually install the language, please follow the instructions at http://3gwatchdog.fr/faq/224-how-to-install-sinhalese.


Misc changes

  • Usage by application: the application icon is shown in the application menu title.
  • The maximum value for a plan quota has been raised from 500 to 1000 GB.
  • The maximum plan period has been increased to 999 months (sort of unlimited). The free graph elapsed bar and text prediction are not displayed if plan duration > 5 years.

Better Cyanogenmod 11 support

The usage by application breakdown should now work better with Cyanogenmod11 (Android 4.4.2) ROM, but please remember that we can’t (and don’t) officially support custom ROMs!


Stability fixes

As usual several minor bug fixes to improve 3G Watchdog stability. 



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