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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.24.1 / 1.24.0

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Important! version 1.24.1 fixes a crash on some devices (Samsung ) when entering 3GW’s settings screen, please upgrade if you are using version 1.24.0.

WiFi filtering

By default 3GW aggegates your WiFi usage regardless of the access point used. A new option allows you to count WiFi usage for a particular access point (SSID) only. This is useful for monitoring the usage from an access point with some restriction, like paid access of limited amount of data.

To set up this option, go to 3GW Settings > WiFi (a new section):


Check the “Count WiFi usage for this access point only” checkbox, and select the target access point (SSID) in the list below. The list displays access points in range (by decreasing signal strength) plus memorized ones. 

From now all WiFi traffic with other access points than the one specified will be ignored (not counted). This function is not retroactive, it only applies to current usage while the option is active. 

While the option is active, the filtered access point SSID is displayed in the Wifi header in 3GW main page as a reminder:


Permission: this feature requires a new permission to read the Wifi State (android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE).


Billing rule: Exclude day time hours

In addition to the existing billing rule to not count local mobile usage during a selected range of night hours and/or week end days, this version allows you to not count local mobile usage during a selected range of day hours (from 00:00 inclusive to 24:00 exclusive). The entire day can be selected, in which case no local mobile usage will ever be counted!

To set up this option, go to 3GW Settings > Billing rules, check the “Exclude time periods” rule and the “Days from hh:mm to hh:mm“, and select the hours interval by dragging the handles below:



Pause / resume usage counting 

Usage counting may be manually paused / resumed from functions in 3GW’s main menu. While usage is paused 3GW is still running in the background (although its activity is minimal)  – so it can for example reset counters at the end of a day/week/month/plan period – but no usage of any kind (loca, romaing, Wifi) is counted, and traffic speed is not measured either.


To pause usage counting, use the “Pause usage counting…” option in 3GW main screen menu:




To remind you that usage counting is paused, a “Resume” icon replaces the Refresh icon in 3GW main screen action bar menu:




To resume usage counting, you can either click on the “Resume” icon or on the equivalent “Resume usage counting…” option in 3GW main screen menu.


Alternate method to count usage by application 

You can specify an alternate method to count usage by application. If none is available the option will be disabled (grayed out):




Warning! This is an expert option, which should be tried only if 3GW seems to permanently assigns all usage to the “OS Services + others” entry in the list of applications. Note that if you just installed 3GW Pro and imported your usage from the free version, it is normal for all your past usage to be initially assigned to “OS services…”, since usage by app was not available in the free version. It is also common to see some (usually small) system traffic throughout the day. However if you explicitely use a data consuming application such as Google maps, the browser, or Google Play you should see usage assigned to these applications. If this is not the case then try the “Alternate method to count usage by app” option.


If you try this option and find that it fixes the problem for you please report (via the feedback function so we can see your configuration).

Stability fixes



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