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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.23.3

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

This is a maintenance release.

“Unstoppable application” notification

If you have selected the “Restrict background data to WiFi” option for an application (in the usage by app screen) then 3G Watchdog attempts to terminate this application’s background process ASAP if it detects that this application is having some background mobile data traffic.
However, as mentioned in a previous blog, some “rogue” applications such as Facebook may defeat this strategy by respawning immediately their terminated processes. Previously 3GW would silently fail in this case. Starting with this version (1.23.3) 3GW now issues a warning notification in the status bar if it repetitively fails to terminate the application. If this happens the application is probably unstoppable, and you should consider unselecting the “Restrict background data to WiFi” option for this app since it is useless and you risk to receive too many notifications.

Minor bug fixes

As usual a few code changes for improving application stability and experience.



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