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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.23.0

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Real-time traffic graphs

This version introduces real-time monitoring of local, roaming and WiFi traffic. Traffic is shown as a traffic graph in each section (Local, Roaming, WiFi) if you have enabled it via the “Speedometer” toggle button (right of the “Table” button on the image below):
Each graph shows the received, sent and total traffic as 3 curves (orange, blue and black, respectively). While at least one graph is enabled, traffic is automatically refreshed every two seconds by default (this can changed, see below) and up to one minute (2 minutes in some cases) of traffic data is displayed.
The dashed (—) line shows the maximum speed displayed, while the dotted (…) line shows the average speed. Gaps in the curves are possible when traffic measurements are not available for some time.

The graph gives you a visual hint about the traffic during the last minute. To determine which application is currently generating traffic, tap on the graph. This will launch the usage by application screen directly in “Change since last refresh” display mode. Look at the “Change” column and you will easily see which app consumed data in the last 2 seconds (“TuneIn Radio” and “OS services” in the screenshot below):
The “Usage by application” screen has also a “Change since reset” display mode, which shows you the accumulated usage (not speed!) since you last reset it. Tap on the header (where “Change” and “Total” are displayed) to switch to the “Change since reset” display mode. To reset the counter, use either Menu > Reset change… (not “Reset usage…”!!) or long press on the traffic graph in the main report screen. 
Long pressing a traffic graph will reset (clear) the graph, and – as just mentioned – also reset the custom usage by app change counter.


While at least one traffic graph is enabled and visible, 3G Watchdog automatically updates traffic data with a far higher frequency than usual. This consumes more battery, and a new section “Real Time Traffic Display” is available in the Settings, with two parameters to help set up the right balance for you:
By default 3GW will update traffic measurements every 2 seconds. You can change it to a value between 1 and 5 seconds. 5 seconds will take the least battery but the graph will look very still 😉 Conversely a 1 second refresh frequency will make the graph more lively, but take the most battery of all values. Note that selecting a value of 4 or 5 seconds will extend the time span shown on the graph from 1 to 2 minutes.
When 3GW is not visible but still running (another app is in the foreground, or you returned to the device home screen), it will continue to measure traffic speed for a certain time, so if you return to 3GW before this time is elapsed there won’t be any gap in the graphs. You can choose how long 3GW will continue counting, from 0 (stop immediately) to 15 minutes, with a default of 3 minutes. Of course the longer the time the more battery used.
Since each section (Local, Roaming, Wifi) may have its own traffic graph, and each of the 4 period tabs (Plan, Day, Week, Month) have these 3 sections, there may be a maximum of 4 x 3 = 12 graphs open. This makes rather difficult to close them all, and that’s why there is a main screen Menu > “Close all speed graphs” item.

Readability improvements

Usage “Pro” graph: the usage summary displayed on the gauge now uses a more contrasted color, easier to read. More over the font color changes with the background:
In the above screenshot the first part of the text “8.6 MB used (” is white text on green background, while the rest of the text “3.0 GB left)” is black on light grey background. This is more readable than the black font used for the entire text in previous versions of 3GWP.
Usage stats table: when option “Use white text in usage graph” is checked (in 3GW Settings > Look & feel), all texts in the table headers will be white on green. Previously some texts were in black on green:
Note that the traffic graph (and associated texts) also use dark grey or black instead of colors when option “Use white text in usage graph” is checked. 


Bug fixes and minor changes

– Fixed discrepancy in some cases between roaming usages shown in the stats table and the widget.
– Fixed rare “unparsable number” crash in usage history graph with German and French locales. 
… and other minor changes.

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