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What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro 1.21.0

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

Time Zone support

The main novelty in this version is that 3G Watchdog Pro now allows you to specifiy a Time Zone for your local/domestic and roaming plan (in 3GW Settings > Your Plan). This is the reference Time Zone for the dates used by your operator (billing date, day, week, month). It defaults to your current TZ at the time this parameter is first set, but you can still change it later. Note that the chosen TZ applies to both the local and the roaming plans (i.e. the two plans share the same TZ).

3G Watchdog pro

 The interest of specifying a Time Zone is that if you happen to travel and switch Time Zone, 3G Watchdog will still be able to calculate correctly the dates using the reference TZ. When you are in a different TZ than the plan’s one 3GW will display the date in the plan TZ at the top of the section(local or roaming) for this plan in the usage report (main) screen. This will remind you that the date is different from the date in your current TZ:

3G Watchdog Pro update May 2013

Restrict background traffic to WiFi for ALL applications at once

Previously you could only specify one application at a time to have its background traffic restricted to WiFi. This was done in the “Usage by application” screen by selecting the “Restrict background data to WiFi” option in an application contextual menu:
3G Watchdog Pro May 2013 update pic 3
Now you can apply the same restriction to all applications (for which the operation is applicable) in one single operation. Bring the usage by app screen menu up and select “Restrict all apps to WiFi“:
3G Watchdog Pro May 2013 update pic 4
Conversely you can lift the restriction for all applications via the screen menu option “Allow all apps on mobile“. 
Reminder: the restriction to Wifi applies only to background traffic, not to traffic occurring when you are visiting the application user interface.

Clearer warning level configuration

The alert conditions (in Settings > Alerts) were a bit ambiguous. The formulation has been improved to make it clearer:
3G Watchdog Pro May 2013 pic 5

Device support

The support has been improved for the following devices:
– Samsung Galaxy S4
– Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos (GT-I9082)
– Nexus 7 tablet with 3G/4G on JellyBean+
– Motorola RAZR i XT890.

Bug fixes

– Fixed mobile data switch widget icons not visible on some (rare) devices.
– Fixed incorrect condition testing for reenabling the mobile network.
* Minor bug fixes.

Feedback email

The email sent via the feedback function (3GW main screen > Menu > Feedback) now includes more information about your configuration (nothing private!) to help us to diagnose problems if needed. The information sent is visible at the bottom of the mail before you send it.


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