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What’s new in 3G Watchdog free 0.42.0 to 0.42.2

Written by Julie Vetter. Posted in Blog

Version 0.42.2

  • Stability fixes.

Version 0.42.1

  • Introduction of an alternate method to count usage by application.
    Note: If none is available the option will be disabled (grayed out)


Warning! This is an expert option, which should be tried only if 3GW seems to permanently assigns all usage to the “OS Services + others” entry in the list of applications.

  • Fixed install/uninstall of the “Auto-disable Mobile data” workaround that failed on rooted devices with Cyanogenmod 13.
  • Other stability fixes.

Version 0.42.0

  • Usage by application breakdown
    Individual counters for each application are now displayed for each period (plan, today, week…) and for any usage type (mobile or WiFi).
  • Configurable main screen layout
    In the 3GW’s Settings > Main Screen Layout, it is now possible to show / hide the different sections in the 3GW’s main screen:
    – Graph
    – Text summary
    – Usage by applicationNotes:
    – The stats table is the only section that cannot be hidden.
    – The main screen layout configuration is also accessible via a shortcut at the top right of the app.

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