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What’s new in 3G Watchdog free 0.41.0 to 0.41.17

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Versions 0.41.13 to 0.41.17

  • Minor stability fixes.

Version 0.41.12

  • Fixed text truncated on the left in usage graph in some cases.
  • Fixed data widget not correctly displayed on some devices.For 3GW 0.41.11 we changed some parameters in the widget to comply with Android rules, especially keeping margins around the widget. But it caused the widget to become narrower on some devices (Nexus 4/ Android 5.11, LG G4 / Android 5.1, etc…) and the text layout to be broken. This problem doesn’t affect all devices simply because they don’t all respect Android rules for the margins!

Version 0.41.11

  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow beta support.
  • Fixed tethered usage counted twice on some devices in certain circumstances.
  • Other minor stability fixes.

Version 0.41.10

  • The Real Time Traffic display feature is now always enabled, which makes 3GW completely Ads free!
  • The Usage Graph (in 3GW main screen) now shows the remaining usage, in addition to the actual usage.3GW-graph-shows-usage left

  • Stability fixes and minor adjustments of the layout, in preparation for future versions.

Version 0.41.9

  • Disable the “Use pre-Froyo” option for all devices on Android 4.4 KitKat – the list of devices for which the correct network interface could not be found was becoming too large (which is required with the Pre-Froyo option enabled). This should fix the mobile usage not counted since 0.41.7 on some devices (Galaxy S4 Mini, HTC Butterfly [S], LG Optimus [Pro], Xperia ZR and ZL, HTC One [Max]…) with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Version 0.41.8

  • Do not enable the “Use pre-Froyo” option by default on Android 4.4 KitKat (but still do it on Android 5.0 Lollipop+). Moreover, for users with a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini or Sony Xperia Z, explicitely disable the “Use pre-Froyo” option (which was enabled in 0.41.6) – 3GW was not counting any mobile traffic with the option enabled because the network interface could not be correctly determined.

Version 0.41.7

  • Fixed counting problems on Moto RAZR i XT890  / Android 4.1.2.
  • Enable “Use pre-Froyo” option by default on most devices running on Android 4.4 KitKat+ since it counts mobile usage more accurately (except for the HTC One M9, the Galaxy S5 “SMG900F” variant, and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge LteA for which the network interface couldn’t be determined).
  • Other minor stability fixes.

Version 0.41.6

  • Fixed mobile usage not counted for some users on some devices since the last update.
  • Other minor stability fixes.

Versions 0.41.4 – 0.41.5

  • Fixed the imaginary, potentially big usage randomly counted on some devices. This was caused by the erratic behavior of Android internal mobile traffic counters used by 3GW to count mobile usage, and was most commonly observed on Android 5.0 Lollipop.A workaround has been implemented which should compensate for this inconsistent system behavior and make 3GW counts accurately your new mobile usage again (past, already incorrectly counted usage cannot be automatically correct, you’ll have to adjust it manually – via 3GW’s “Set usage…” function, sorry for the inconvenience).
  • Other stability fixes, notably 3GW widgets disappearing on app update on some (mostly Samsung) devices.

Version 0.41.3

  • Minor change for HTC One M7 support on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Version 0.41.2

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop supportThis versions enable the “Use pre-Froyo…” option (see below) by default on all devices under Android 5.0 Lollipop+. This should work around the infamous Android 5.0 traffic functions bug (causing 3GW to count extra, imaginary mobile usage) not only for known devices (as in earlier versions of 3GW), but for future ones when they get upgraded to Lollipop as well.When using the “Pre-Froyo” way of counting usage, it is critical that the exact network interfaces used by Android to count mobile and Wifi traffic be determined. To that end a new mechanism has been introduced in 0.41.2 to dynamically discover (for now on Lollipop only) which exact network interfaces are used for mobile and Wifi usages. This varies with device models, and even in some cases with variants of the same model (for example the “SM-N910C” and “SM-N910F” variants of the Galaxy Note 4 incredibly use different network interfaces!). It is impossible to maintain a static list of all possible cases, hence the interest of the dynamic discovery mechanism. Once dynamically determined, the interfaces are memorized so the discovery process will not run again until either a full reinstall of 3GW or an upgrade of the Android system occur.
  • Optional workaround to make mobile network disabling work again on Lollipop+ (rooted devices only)As mentioned at the end of this blog, Google has made the Android function to enable/disable the mobile network inaccessible to third-party applications such as 3G Watchdog, resulting in both the Auto-disable feature and the mobile data switch widget no longer working on Android 5.0+.
    This version of 3GW introduces a workaround for rooted devices. You can install it either via 3GW Settings > Auto disable network > Via 3G Watchdog > “Install workaround”, or when creating an instance of the 3GW mobile data switch – you will be offered to install the workaround). Follow the instructions, in particular you will probably asked to grant superuser access to 3GW for the time of the installation, and to reboot your device to complete the installation. You can later uninstall the workaround anytime via 3GW Settings > Auto disable network > Via 3G Watchdog > Uninstall.Note that except for the time of the install or uninstall, your device does not need to be rooted. To know how to root your device, search the Internet, there are plenty of tutorials available. Also note that if you upgrade the Android system on your device you may also have to reinstall the workaround.For those of you interested in the technical details, the workaround consists in 3GW installing a small service as a system application – which gives the service the right to call the Android disable function – and then delegating the actual execution of the disabling/enabling to the service when needed. The service is named MobileNetDisablerService and is installed in the /system/priv-app/ directory.Warning: this workaround has not been tested on all devices, so it may or may not work on yours (but it should not do any harm if it doesn’t). Please send feedback with details at contact@3gwatchdog.fr so we can improve it for the community.
  • New option (in Settings / Alerts) to fully hide 3GW notifications on secure lock screens [Android 5.0 Lollipop+ only]Android Lollipop shows apps notifications (including 3GW’s ones) in the lock screen. If you don’t like it, go to 3GW Settings > Alerts, and check the “Hide notifications on secure lock screen” option.Note that by Android design notifications can be hidden only on secure lock screens. A lock screen is secure when it is protected by either a pattern, a PIN number, or a password (see Android settings > Security > Screen security > Screen lock). If you match these conditions, you must also go to Android Settings > Sound & notification > Notification > “When device is locked”, and select “Hide sensitive notification content“.
  • Stability fixes
  • Reminder: the mobile network disable feature does not work on Lollipop (see at the bottom of this blog).

Version 0.41.1

  • Should fix mobile data usage counting problems on Android 5.0 Lollipop for Nexus 4 / Nexus 5 and hopefully other devices, please upgrade and report any problems to contact@3gwatchdog.fr
  • The usual notification icon shown in the status bar is tiny on Lollipop, so we now use the larger version Pro one on this version of Android. Don’t be surprised by the change!
  • Reminder: the mobile network disable feature does not work on Lollipop (see at the bottom of this blog).

Version 0.40.0

Backup / Restore

You can now backup and restore your usage history and settings on the SD card.

  • To do a backup:  from 3GW’s main screen select Menu > More > Backup usage…
  • To restore: from 3GW’s main screen select Menu > More > Restore usage…, and pick one of the backups available in the list. Please note that if the backup has not been made today, 3GW will merge the information from past usage with usage for the current periods, which can lead in some surprising results in some cases.

Reset all counters

It is now possible to reset allcurrent usage counters to 0 in one single operation: from 3GW’s main screen select Menu > More > Reset all counters

Note that this will not affect your past usage history, only the counters for the current Plan/Day/Week/Month periods are reset.

Improved translations

Several translations have been enhanced and/or completed, mostly the Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and Japanese translations, but also Dutch, Italian, and Russian ones.

If you find some errors or are willing to directly contribute to translations, please mail us at contact@3gwatchdog.fr.

Experimental support for Android 5.0 Lollipop

Data counting issues on Lollipop

Some problems were discovered in Android 5.0 Lollipop traffic counting functions leveraged by 3rd-party applications like 3G Watchdog. The main symptom is an extra, imaginary usage being counted at times, mostly when connecting on the Mobile network.

A bug has been discovered in the Android code and reported. Unfortunately the behavior of the Android traffic counting functions also seems to vary depending on the device and context, which makes it particularly hard to cope with.

Update Dec 3, 2014:

  • A workaround has been implemented for Google’s known counting bug in the latest 3G Watchdog release (0.41.1), so please upgrade ASAP!
  • The Android traffic counting functions still behave incorrectly on some devices / in some cases (the causes are not clear, it may work fine for one user on one device and not work properly for another user on the same device!). Experience has shown that on the Nexus 4 and 5 the best accuracy is obtained by enabling (checking) the “Use Pre-Froyo…” option (in 3GW Settings > Advanced), so this option is checked by default in release 0.41.1 for the Nexus 4 and 5 on Lollipop.

Please report with details if the data counting is not correct on your device. We cannot test on every device so we need your collaboration to work around Google’s mess. Thank you in advance for your understanding and help.

Disable mobile network feature not working

There is another important remaining problem on Lollipop. The Android function used by 3GW to disable/enable the mobile data network has been removed by Google in Android 5.0, meaning that both the mobile data switch widget and the Auto-disable mobile network feature will not be available, at least until either Google makes the function available again, or a workaround is found.

A request has been made to Google (issue 78084) to correct this, but unfortunately it was ignored, Google considers that there is no issue here. You can also post on this more recent thread on the same topic to let Google know what you think.

It is rather incredible that Google decided that legitimate apps should not be entitled (even if users request it) to disable the network. This is a very useful feature, making it inaccessible to third-party apps is totally irrational (why not add a specialized permission instead, which could be granted to the app by the user?) and will just hurt people upgrading to Android 5 – but sadly Google is familiar with making that kind of tyrannical decision without any consultation with developers.

— The support of Android 5.0 is still in beta, please report any problem (other than the one mentioned above) to contact@3gwatchdog.fr


Stability fixes & minor improvements

As usual several minor bug fixes to improve 3G Watchdog stability.



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