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What’s new in 3G Watchdog free 0.40.0 to 0.40.4

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

Version 0.40.4 is a maintenance release with a few stability fixes.
Version 0.40.3 fixes a crash in some non-latin locales such as Arabic, Hindi.. Please upgrade if you are concerned!  This release also includes a few other stability fixes.
Version 0.40.2 removes the ads network StartApp which has been used by 3GW Watchdog since version 0.39.2, but has suddenly become considered as an Adware by a few Security applications such Avira and Eset. The reason for this change of status is not clear, since the StartApp code used by 3G Watchdog has not changed since it was introduced in 3GW 0.39.2. Anyway to avoid any risk we decided to entirely get rid of StartApp starting with this version. This leaves currently only one Ads network used: Admob, which is Google’s own ads network. 


Version 0.40.1 fixes a network problem present in 0.40.0 for some devices.

Real Time Traffic Display: application stats & info

The Real Time Traffic screen shows a list of applications currently having some Internet traffic, either Wifi (“Wifi” Tab) or Cell (“Mobile” tab):
With this version of 3G Watchdog you can now click on an application other than “OS services”  (e.g. on “Google Play Store”) to bring up a menu:
(The menu actually contains a variable number of entries, depending on what is applicable to the selected application)
  • – The first menu item shows a few statistics on this app for today: mobile usage, WiFi usage, and how much time you spent interacting with (have “visited”) the application. Only the time spent with the application in the foreground is counted.
  • Application info: clicking on this item will bring you to Android’s application information page.
  • Open: click to launch the application.
* Note that the statistics feature requires a NEW PERMISSION to “retrieve running applications”.

Updated translations

Several translations have been updated.

Real Time Traffic Display and Cyanogenmod 11

The list of applications should now display correctly on Cyanogenmod 11 (Android 4.4.2). Note that we do not officially support custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod (in addition to the many devices and official Android versions already supported), this is an exception.

Bug fixes

Minor bug fixes to improve stability. 


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