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What’s new in 3G Watchdog free 0.39.3 / 0.39.4

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

IMPORTANT: Version 0.39.4 fixes the false threat alert reported by TrustGo on version 0.39.3. Please update if you feel worried about it!
Version 0.39.3 is mostly a maintenance release.

Sinhalese translation

3G Watchdog is now translated in Sinhala (spoken in Sri Lanka), thanks to Pasindu Kavinda. Unfortunately most Android devices do not have the language pre-installed, so please follow these instructions to manually install the language on your device.

Increased Plan max quota

The current limit of 500 GB seemed to be too small for some (rare) users, so it has been raised to 1000 GB. 

Bug fixes

Minor bug fixes to improve stability. 


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