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What’s new in 3G Watchdog free 0.39.2

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

Real Time Traffic Display screen changes

Clicking on the traffic graph now alternatively expands / collapses the graph. When expanded, the righmost part where current speeds are displayed is hidden, given more space for the graph:
– In the Mobile traffic graph (“Mobile” tab), when currently roaming the title of the graph changes from “Mobile” to “Roaming”:
– A footer now displays the total usage corresponding to the sum of all listed app usages:

Ads display policy

Ads are displayed less frequently (and as before only if you use and visit the Real Time Traffic Display screen). They are now shown on app (main screen) exit, instead of when leaving the Real Time Traffic Display screen.

Android 4.4 support

Support of Android 4.4 (KitKat) is still in beta stage. Please report any problem with details (preferably via the 3GW main screen > Menu > More > About… > Feedback function).

Device support

Support for the Sony Xperia ion LT28 AT variant has been added.

Mobile network disabling

On a few devices the built-in (3G Watchdog) mobile network disabler apparently requires the extra permission WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS and would crash since this permission is not given to 3GW. The vast majority of the devices only require the WRITE_SETTINGS permission (granted to 3GW) or no permission at all, and therefore work correctly. This affects both the “Auto-disable” feature, the “Mobile data switch” widget, and the “Disable/Enable mobile network functions” in 3GW main screen menu.
We elected to not request the WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission for now to avoid scaring users (the word “secure” may sound ominous). 3GW tries now to detect this case, automatically disable the functions using it, and inform the user via a notification in the status bar.

New permission

The permission to read the WiFi state (ACCESS_WIFI_STATE) is now requested by 3GW. This helps to better track changes in the state of the WiFi connection.

Bug fixes

Minor bug fixes to improve stability. 


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