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What’s new in 3G Watchdog free 0.39.0

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Important note: this version will be progressively released starting from Oct 16, 2013. If your current update is to a prior version you will be notified when version 0.39.0 becomes available on your local Google Play store.

Android 1.5 and 1.6 no longer supported

The minimum version of Android supported by 3GW is now 2.1. Android 1.5 and 1.6 users will not be able to upgrade to 0.39.0 and future versions, but of course can still continue to use older versions of 3GW.

Real-Time Traffic monitoring

This version introduces an entirely new feature, real-time monitoring of local and WiFi traffic. To access it from 3GW main screen, press this button:
The Real Time Traffic screen will show you a graph of the current traffic and (on Android 2.2+) the corresponding list of consumer applications:
This feature is supported by ads. You will occasionally see ads when exiting the “Real Time Traffic Display” screen, and only there.  Ads use a little bandwidth, so 3G Watchdog will not display them if you are roaming or if your usage has reached 90% of your Plan quota.
At anytime you can disable or enable the feature entirely in your settings via the “Enable this feature” checkbox in the new “Real Time Traffic Display” section. When disabled you won’t see the monitor or any ads.
The Real Time Traffic graph gives you a visual hint about the traffic during the last minute. It shows the received, sent and total traffic as 3 curves (orange, green and white, respectively). While you are in the Real Time Traffic Display screen the traffic is automatically refreshed every two seconds by default (this can changed, see below) and up to one minute (2 minutes in some cases) of traffic data is displayed.
The dashed (—) line shows the maximum speed displayed, while the dotted (…) line shows the average speed. Gaps in the curves are possible when traffic measurements are not available for a period of time.

The list below the graph (Android 2.2+ only)  shows you the applications currently generating traffic. For each application you will see from left to right its icon, its name, its total usage for the period represented on the graph, and – only if this app consumed something during the last (2 sec) refresh –  the usage for these 2 secs.
Long pressing a traffic graph will reset (clear) the graph and the list of consumer applications.


While you are in the Real Time Traffic Display screen, 3G Watchdog automatically updates traffic data with a far higher frequency than usual. This consumes more battery, and a few parameters in the new “Real Time Traffic Display” settings section are available to help set up the right balance for you:
By default 3GW will update traffic measurements every 2 seconds. You can change it to a value between 1 and 5 seconds. 5 seconds will take the least battery but the graph will look very still 😉 Conversely a 1 second refresh frequency will make the graph more lively, but take the most battery of all values. Note that selecting a value of 4 or 5 seconds will extend the time span shown on the graph from 1 to 2 minutes.
When 3GW is not visible but still running (another app is in the foreground, or you have returned to the device home screen), it will continue to measure traffic speed for a certain time, so if you return to 3GW before this time is elapsed there won’t be any gap in the graphs. You can choose how long 3GW will continue counting, from 0 (stop immediately) to 5 minutes, with a default of 1 minute. Of course the longer the time the more battery used.

New permissions required

3G Watchdog requires two new permissions:

Internet access

This permission is required exclusively for the new Real Time Traffic feature (see above). If you disable this feature 3GW will not generate any traffic by itself.

Write settings

This permission is required on some devices to provide the “disable mobile network” feature. It will be used only for that purpose.

Bug fixes and minor changes


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