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Why do I need to grant a new permission on Android 6 Marshmallow and newer?

Written by Julie Vetter. Posted in Uncategorized

Since versions 1.27.0 (Pro) / 0.43.0 (Free) 3G Watchdog offers on devices with Android 6+ a new, more accurate data usage counting method.
This method is based on traffic information provided by the Android SDK and is only accessible with the “Usage data access” permission which allows third-party applications to access various types of information (data usage among other) of apps installed on your device.
Also note that from Android 7 Nougat, the usage by app breakdown is no longer available without this permission.

You can opt to not grant this permission and keep using 3GW with existing counting methods (but keep in mind that usage by app won’t be available on Android 7+).

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