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Usage Graph in version Pro

Written by Richard. Posted in FAQs

Plan usage graph

Most data counting graphs (including 3GW free) represent directlyusage on a bar whose full span represents a 100% usage.

3GW Pro takes a different approach: the usage graph in the Plan and Day views is not scaled on a usage quota (plan quota or day recommended usage). Instead, the scale represents a timelineof the period (billing period for the Plan tab, or just the current day for the Day tab). Usage is only indicated by the % numbers over the bar (used % over the position corresponding to now, and predicted % at the right end of the bar corresponding to the end of the period). The color of the predicted % reflects the status of your usage (green/orange/red). This color is also used to fill the bar from the beginning of the period to the current position in order to make the current usage status more visible at a glance.

This may be confusing at first since most similar graph bars show usage, not time, but once you get used to it, it’s a rather synthetic view which we find superior to the old one (e.g. if you are going to exceed your usage the graph shows you when you will reach the 100%). We experienced with 2 separate bars for usage and time but concluded that it was only more confusing (and took more space on the screen).

Update: since version 1.9.0 you can toggle between the Pro and the free graphs by long pressing on the graph. Your choice will be memorized independently for the Plan and Day tabs.

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