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Is usage by application accurate? [Pro]

Written by Richard. Posted in FAQs

Is usage by application accurate [version pro, Android 2.2+]?

Usage information is provided by the Android system, and unfortunately is rather approximative. As a rule of thumb global usage (as displayed in the main screen) tends to be more accurate, so you should trust it more.

Starting from 3GWP 1.9.0, streaming media traffic (e.g. YouTube) may be reported under the name “Streaming media” rather than under the apps which actually use it. However the usage of some applications (e.g. TuneInRadio) is correctly reported under their own name.

Measured usage not assigned to any specific installed application is listed under the name “OS services + others”.

The lack of separate counters for Mobile and Wifi usages obliges 3GW to “track” connectivity changes to distinguish the current type of usage. This creates a risk of overlooking usageoccurring while the 3GW service is not running. The service is automatically started on boot and normally stays running in the background,  unless killed (manually or automatically) by a task killer, or by the system in case of a severe shortage of resources . If this happens, the service will automatically be restarted within 15 mn, but traffic by app consumed during that time will not be counted. Note that the same problem will not affect global usage because Android provides a dedicated counter for global mobile usage, so even if the 3GW service is temporarily down, the internal Android counters are still tracking usage and the 3GW service is able to catch up without loss of data when restarted.

The sum of all usages is displayed at the top of the screen can only be compared with the global measured usage, not with the billable usage.

Finally, it has been reported that the Dell Streak and Acer Mini E310 don’t implement correctly the Android functions used by 3GW, and usage reported stays at 0 for all apps.

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