3G Watchdog app for Android monitors your 4G/3G/Edge/GPRS data usage

What phones are supported?

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Most phones running Android 1.5+ are likely to be supported “out of the box” – if not, contact us and let us know your phone model and Android version.


– Extra large screens (such as the Xoom) are still experimental as of March 2011.

– Phones with QVGA (low resolution) displays are supported on Pro since 1.7.0 but the layout might be difficult to read.

– Usage by application only works on devices with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and more recent.

Known problems

– [Pro & Free versions] 3G Watchdog and other data usage monitoring applications do not count properly global usage on the Galaxy Tab 10.1[v] and Tab 8.9). This seems to be caused by the implementation of Android of these tablets (see the dedicated FAQ entry).

– [Pro & Free versions] Doesn’t count properly global mobile usage on Samsung Galaxy R / Z(i9103) and possibly Galaxy Y. Problems were also reported on the Galaxy Captivate Glide.

– [Free version] Crashes reported with Motorola Quench/ CLIQ XT since 0.30.0, please use older versions.

– [Pro version] Early versions of 3GW Pro reported as not working on ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco (black screen on start). Be sure to use the latest one.

– [Pro version] Dell Streak / Acer Mini E310: Usage by App doesn’t work (phone maker’s implementation fault).

Problems downloading , installing or upgrading 3GW from Google Play Store

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(download stuck or unsuccessful after a few seconds, or install never completes).

We are sorry you are having trouble with installing 3G Watchdog. The download/upgrade process is handled by your phone and the Google Play Store, not by 3GW itself, so unfortunately there is little we can do. Maybe it’s a temporary problem, and it will work if you try again later. You can also try the following:

  1. Cancel any download in progress (if you can).
  2. Restart your phone. Often it’s enough to solve a lot of problems. Try to download/install again.
  3. If it still doesn’t work, go to phone settings > Apps (or Manage Applications) > tab “All” > select “Google Play Store”> In the “cache” section, click on the “Clear cache” button if it’s enabled.
  4. Try again to install 3GW from the Play Store – If it still doesn’t work, we are out of suggestions, sorry..
  5. If you have successfully downloaded the app but have a problem with the upgrade process, try uninstalling 3GW (phone settings > Apps > 3G watchdog[ Pro] > Uninstall), then reinstall it – it will be a fresh install, and you will lose your recorded data usage and settings (unless you have done a fresh backup beforehand that you can restore afterwards).

Can I install 3GW on the SD card?

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According to Google, applications installed on SD cards will be interrupted if you connect via USB to a computer to transfer files or remove the SD card. Therefore applications installed as services (such as 3GW) should not be installed on an SD card.

We tried to work around this limitation, but it failed, due to Android bugs (in particular widgets don’t work properly), so we gave up for now. If you want to save space, you should rather move apps like games to SD.

This is why the application doesn’t offer the choice to be installed on the SD card in the first place. Don’t try to bypass this limitation by forcing 3GW to install on SD via applications such as app2SD, because it won’t work properly.

May I purchase 3G Watchdog Pro via PayPal?

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(I’d like to purchase 3GW Pro but I have no credit card or no Google checkout account, or there is no Google Market in my country – what should I do?)

Unfortunately there is currently no way to purchase 3G Watchdog Pro other than via the Android Market. The application is protected by the Google licensing server, which requires you to be a registered used, so you must purchase the application via the Google Market – and the market offers no payPal payment option to date (although they were rumors of such an option in late 2010, but no news since then…).

In late 2011 Google made an agreement with Vodafone in Italy and Spain to allow its clients to purchase apps and be directly charged on their phone bill. Hopefully this will be extended to other countries/operators in the future.

To distribute 3GW on other markets offering a PayPal payment option would require us to remove the license check mechanism, and this is something we are not yet ready to do. We are fully aware of the inconvenience and limitation of the current procedure for both potential customers and for us (in terms of market restriction), and we are thinking about possible solutions to this problem. Thank you for your understanding and your interest in 3G Watchdog!

I bought Pro, can / should I uninstall the free version?

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The free and pro versions are independent from each other, so you can uninstall the free version once the Pro version is installed (but you can also choose to keep them both installed if you prefer).

3G Watchdog says my copy is not legal but I bought it

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3G Watchdog checks periodically with the Google licensing server that the copy is legal. The period is automatically determined by Google and is around 1 or 2 days. When it happens, you need to beconnected to the internet (via either a Wifi or mobile connection). If you get the message “Your 3G Watchdog Pro license could not be validated”, make sure you have a connection, and try again (several times if necessary) to start the application  (maybe the Google server is temporarily unavailable, although this is rare), usually the problem resolves itself after a few attempts. Contact us if it is not the case.

You can also try to restart your phone (if not already done). If you just installed the application, you can also uninstall the app and download / install it again from Google Play.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but that’s the way the Google licensing mechanism works. This problem occurs sometimes but is usually easily fixed by starting 3GW again (contact us at contact-pro@3gwatchdog.fr if it is not the case). You will not have lost any usage information.

I reset my phone / upgraded the OS and now 3GW says my license is not legal

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The Google Play Store identifies you as a customer via your Google account (not via your phone number or some other phone ID). You may install 3GW on several phones, move it from one phone to the other, or change SIM (thus phone number), provided you use the same Google account as the one you used to purchase the application.

If you reset the phone / upgrade your OS or flash a ROM, you must set up again this account (as the main/first account) on the phone, or the Google license checking server will reject you. Make sure you have an active Internet connection when you start 3GW for the first time after that.

See also Google’s help article http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/answer.py?hl=en&topic=1100168&ctx=topic&answer=113410.

How to install the Sinhalese language

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3G Watdog free and Pro have a translation in Sinhalese (Sinhala, spoken in Sri Lanka) since version 0.39.3, thanks to Pasindu Kavinda. Unfortunately Sinhala is not installed by default on most devices with Android < 5.0 “Lollipop”. To install it manually please follow these instructions:

මෙම යෙදුමේ සිංහල අනුවාදය දැකගැනීම සඳහා සිංහල පරිශීලකයන් හට ඔවුන්ගේ දුරකථනවල සිංහල අක්ෂර ස්ථාපිත කොට ගෙන තිබීම අනිවාර්ය වේ. සැම්සුන්ග් දුරකථනවල සිංහල අකුරු ස්ථාපිත කොටම (SamsungSinhala.ttf) එවන නිසා ඒවායේ සිංහල අකුරු දැකගැනීම සම්බන්ධයෙන් කිසිදු ගැටළුවක් ඇතිවන්නේ නැත. ඔබේ දුරකථනයේ සිංහල අකුරු නොපෙනේනම්, කරුණාකර දුරකථනයට මූල ප්‍රවේශය ලබා ගෙන සිංහල අකුරු හස්තීයව ස්ථාපිත කරන්න. ඒ සඳහා උපදෙස් පහත දැක්වේ…

1. Root explorer යෙදුම මෙතැනින් බාගන්න.

2. සිංහල අකුරු මෙතැනින් බාගන්න.
3. DroidSansFallback.zip Unzip කොට අක්ෂර ගොනුව ඔබේ SD කාඩ්පතට පිටපත් කරන්න.
4. Root explorer යෙදුම ස්ථාපිත කොට ධාවනය කරන්න (එයට සුපිරි පරිශීලක බලතල ලබාදෙන්න)
5. Root explorer හරහා අක්ෂර ගොනුව වෙත ගොස් මෙනුව ඔබා copy යන්න ඔබන්න.
6. දැන් System/Fonts බහාලුම වෙත යාන්ත්‍රණය කර දකුණු අත පැත්තේ උඩම කෙලවරේ ඇති [mount R/W] ක්ලික් කරන්න.
7. ඉන්පසු ඉහතදී පිටපත් කල අක්ෂර ගොනුව මේ මත paste කරන්න.
8. පද්ධතිය යළි පණගැන්වීමෙන් පසු ඔබේ දුරකථනයේ සිංහල සහාය ලැබේවි.
පසිඳු කවින්ද…


Why isn’t Pro in my language when 3G Watchdog Free is? [Pro]

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3G Watchdog Free has progressively grown to more than 25 languages over three years. 3G Watchdog Pro is a more recent (and diferent) program and so translations had to start from scratch. We could not afford to start with 25 languages from the beginning, and until the program stabilized, it would have been a pain to have to update each translation (i.e. contact each translator) every time a message was added or modified. Now that the application gets more stable, we are progressively adding new languages. As of July 2013, there are 22 languages available, some of them being incomplete though.

See also: “I would like to contribute a translation“.

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