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What’s new in 3G Watchdog 1.18.0

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

Independent plan period duration & start date for roaming usage
Previously they were implicitly the same as for local and Wifi usage.
The new parameters are in the “Roaming” section of the settings (they are visible only if you have a roaming quota, i.e. usage is not unlimited).
New auto-disable mobile network conditions
In addition to already existing conditions you can now also auto-disable the mobile network:
  • when local usage for today exceeds a % of the recommended local usage for the day.
  • when roaming usage for today exceeds a % of the recommended roaming usage for the day.
  • at the end of each roaming plan period cycle. Note that in this case it’s up to you to manually re-enable the network.  
These conditions can be set up in the “Auto-disable mobile data network” section of the settings. All conditions have now checkboxes, so you can easily enable or disable them individually.
The mobile network will be disabled if any of the checked conditions match.
Czech translation
 Thanks to Ondra Vajda, MrEdDy, and Josef Lacina!

Device support
3G Watchdog support had been improved on  Asus PadFone 2, Motorola RAZR XT910, Samsung Galaxy Ace I. 
Bug fixes
As usual, a few bugs have been fixed, most noticeably a problem with the “set usage…” function (seemed to work but actually would not change usage) in some conditions.




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