3G Watchdog app for Android monitors your 4G/3G/Edge/GPRS data usage

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3G Watchdog Pro®

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3G Watchdog Pro® helps you master your cell phone plan’s limits by monitoring and PREDICTING USAGE of your Mobile (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS) Internet traffic usage.

Standard Features

  • Monitors your Mobile Internet (4G 3G Edge, GPRS) data usage.
  • Shows status icon (green, orange, red) in the notification bar.
  • Detailed report page.
  • Monitors your Mobile Internet (4G 3G Edge, GPRS) and WiFi data usage.
  • Synthetic one page usage report with graph, text, and table.
  • Plan and Day usage history with CSV export.
  • Shows status icon (green, orange, red) in the notification bar.
  • Data widget (2 sizes) + mobile network enable/disable switch widget (Android 2.3+).
  • Optional mobile network disabling when a % of your quota is reached (Android 2.3+).

Pro also includes

  • Distinct Mobile, roaming & WiFi usage counting
  • Breakdown of usage by application (2.2 = Froyo +)
  • Usage history by day, plan, week, month, with chart view, CSV export
  • Advanced data usage prediction (choice between 3 methods: standard, moving average, lixed)
  • Billing Rules (count in blocks, ignore sent traffic, exclude apps, exclude time periods, do not count 2G or 4G…)
  • More mobile network auto-disabling conditions.
  • Tracks multiple SIM cards automatically (requires a phone with a SIM – may not work well with dual-SIM phones).
  • 1-click backup and restore, optional hourly auto-backup
  • 5 custom data widget styles look good on your background
  • Redesigned “Holo” User Interface with 2 themes.
  • Import settings & data from 3GW free (don’t uninstall 3GW free before importing!)
  • and much more!

3G Watchdog Pro® Help

Video Tutorial: Going over your settings the first time you install 3G Watchdog Pro.

(being updated)

Text Tutorial: Going over your settings the first time you install 3G Watchdog Pro.

The disclaimer – 3G Watchdog can only be as accurate as the raw data measured by your phone, adjusted by some common billing rules. Also, don’t install on your SD card since it runs as a service. See FAQS for more info.

The next screen is a welcome, then 3G Watchdog will ask if you want to import your data from 3G Watchdog Free if you have been using it. If not, you can proceed to the settings screen.

Settings is where you enter your usage limit. Note that if your limit is “500” you need to change the GB to MB, most likely!

Set your usage period: one month, week, day (oof!).

Last started on: If you installed in the middle of your plan, set the date your plan last started on.  3GW will use the date you installed if you do not provide a specific date here.

Billing rules lets you add the same rules to what data is measured as some providers add so that the measurement is more accurate.

Set an alert for when you use up a certain amount of your allowance. You can display the notification icon in the notification bar at the top of your phone in several ways – to always show, sometimes…

It is possible to set 3G Watchdog to auto-disable your 3G if you want. This requires a 3rd party application be installed. 3G can automatically turn on at the start of your next cycle.

Update frequency: how often the measurements that show on your widget and in your reports is refreshed. Every 30 seconds is recommended and has been tested – it uses less than 1% of your battery at this rate, so less often is not a significant benefit while it carries a risk. If you only refresh once an hour and your phone turns off, you will lost the data up to the last refresh.

Widgets were set at this point in 3G free, but they are now set by a long press on your screen as are most widgets.

Video Tutorial Two: Widgets, Records and History.

(being updated)

Text Tutorial: Widgets, Records and History.

To add a widget, long press on your screen. Choose the regular or big 3G Watchdog Pro widget.

The widget configuration screen lets you include the type of usage (what’s used, what’s left…) for the period (plan, today) and the style that looks best on your background. Additional options include whether or not  you want to include additional information like the whether you are using 3G right now or if you are in the danger zone.

You can’t change a widget, just delete it and start over, it is quick.

Don’t put up a bunch of 3G Watchdog widgets as they will all be refreshed and would take more resources the more you have.

To see detailed usage reports you can either pull down the screen from the notification bar, if you have the 3G Watchdog icon up there, and click on the pulldown, or you can just press on the widget for a moment and it will go to the

Notice that if your widget displays today’s usage, you will go to the report screen for today. If your widget shows your plan usage, you go right to the plan screen – sweet.

The reports page has 4 tabs across the top to view plan, day, week  or month (calendar month).

You can see local or roaming usage. On local usage there are 3 ways to see the information: a horizontal bar, text description or a chart. You can set it to show one or any combination of these. The horizontal bar shows you where you are at right now, how much you have used and how much you have left for the period.

The text explains how much you have used and how much you have left to use (like counting calories) to stay within your plan.

The chart also shows what is received and sent plus the total amount of data transferred.

Below that, if you have Froyo or later, you can click on “Usage by Application” and see which applications used your plan from most to least. This is by plan, day, week, or month. Cool.

It does not include Wifi since that is not applied to your plan costs.

In the bottom icons, there is a history icon that will take you to the detailed history of your usage. So you can see, for example, how much you used every day.  There is a chart view which displays sent versus received.

This historical data can be exported to CSV.


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