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3G Watchdog Pro Version 1.10.0 Released

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3G Watchdog Pro Android data usage counter just got some spiffy updates:

  • New widget to enable/disable your mobile data connection easily makes it easier to prevent accidental data usage.
  • Track your Wifi usage as well as your mobile data usage now.
  • WiFi (Hotspot) tethering and USB tethering icons added to the usage by app list.
  • WiMAX support
  • Sum up your usage by apps.
  • Vertaling in het Nederlands toegevoegd aan 3G Watchdog

What’s new in 3G Watchdog Pro Version 1.10.0:

New widget to enable/disable mobile connections (Android 2.3+).
  network enabled, click to disable.
network disabled, click to enable.
Set/Reset Wifi usage (Main screen > Menu > Set Usage…). Before, it was only possible to set the mobile usage. Now you can set both from the same dialog.
3GWatchdogPlanUsage resized 600

 * New entries in usage by app screen for WiFi (Hotspot) tethering and USB tethering usages:
WiFi tethering

    USB tethering

WiMAX support (experimental, feedback welcome).

* Option to use sum of app usages as global usage. (Settings > Advanced > “Calculate global usage from usage by app”). This is an experimental workaround for devices with correct usage by app but incorrectglobal usage, such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, the Galaxy R/Z, Captivate Glide  (all Samsung phones ;)… Since usage by app is usually less accurate than global usage don’t expect strict accuracy!

Dutch translation (98% completed).
Readability improvements.

The elapsed time bar has now the same color as the usage bar (reflects status, was grey previously):

In the usage history list, the current period highlight (yellow line) is more readable:

* Fixed WiFi tethering usage counted twice (as mobile + as Wifi) => only counted as mobile.
* Fixed VPN via WiFi usage wrongly counted as mobile.

* Misc bug fixes.

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