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3G Watchdog integrates auto-disable function for data usage

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

3G Watchdog free and pro data usage monitors for Android now integrate auto-disable without requiring an additional app, allowing you to turn off data usage at a limit you set.

3G Watchdog free version 0.34.0 was released today with a new, built-in mobile network disabler (Android 2.3+ only):

    • Requires new permission to change the state of network connectivity.   
    • APNdroid or JuiceDefender are no longer required for Auto-disable function (but you can use them if you want).


Another addition to 3G Watchdog free is an option to increase 3GW service priority and improve accuracy. Disabled by default, enable it in Settings > Advanced.

This requires a permanent icon (Android requirement).

If the 3GW notification icon is visible it is used, otherwise an invisible icon is used. Although not visible, this will still takes a space at the right of the app area in the status bar.

Other changes to the free app include improved device support: Galaxy Y (GT-S5360), xcover (S5690), possibly others.

For the Galaxy Y and xcover, be sure to uncheck the “use pre-froyo traffic counting interface” option in 3GW Settings > Advanced.  The support is still not guaranteed, your feedback is welcome.

For convenience, the Lookout button directly opens Lookout if the app is installed (instead of going to the promo dialog).

3G Watchdog PRO version 1.8.0 was released today as well.  The same enhancements are in the PRO version, plus a new Türk / Turkish language option. 

Russian / русский is coming soon!


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