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3G Watchdog Free Version 0.35.0 released

Written by Richard. Posted in Blog

New in 3GWatchdog Android App mobile data usage counter version 0.36.0

Following on the heels of our Pro update we have just updated the Free app as well. 

New widget to enable/disable mobile connections (Android 2.3+). Easily turn off and on the mobile network so your phone doesn’t run up usage charges. Toggles red and green so you can see right on your screen if you have the network connected or not. Be sure you are not connected to the network when you don’t want to be.  Prevents unintentional and background usage from happening.

The widget is called “3GW mobile data switch” and has two states:

click to disable mobile network. The widget will turn red.


click to enable mobile network. The widget will turn green.


Set/Reset Wifi usage (in addition to set/reset Mobile usage). If you want to know your Wifi usage and need to set or reset the figure, you can now do so in the same section where you set your mobile usage counter:

WiMAX support (experimental, feedback welcome).

  • Bulgarian translation – Сега на разположение на български
  • Fixed WiFi tethering usage counted twice (as mobile + as Wifi) => only counted as mobile.
  • Fixed VPN via WiFi usage wrongly counted as mobile.
  • Misc bug fixes.



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